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Asam Pedas ClayPot

Asam Pedas ClayPot

Asam Pedas, which translates as ‘sour and spicy’’ is a traditional Malay dish which Melaka is famous for, consisting of a choice of fish or beef served in a hot and sour soup.

Kota Laksamana is a great place to sample this local speciality, which has the unique characteristic of both cooking and serving their asam pedas in a clay pot dish, which not only ensures your food stays hot, but also that none of the spices can escape while serving.

This restaurant is renowned for it asam pedas recipe and offers a selection of beef & fish, including red snapper, tengiri and also stingray, all of which are served with rice, salad and a salted egg.

Around 10 minute walk from Jonker street, ‘Asam Pedas Clay Pot’ offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of China town. This late-night restaurant is popular among locals, offering authentic food at a great price, even when most of the other restaurants have closed. This local speciality is a must for anyone wishing to experience real local food in Melaka.

Asam Pedas ClayPot Open 5pm – 5am everyday Claypot dish + rice + salad + egg: RM 6.50 Tea/Coee/Softdrinks Tel: 012-6800-790 Aandy

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